Focus on comfort.

QULO is a work pod designed for the individual who needs privacy, space and comfort to get the job done. It combines natural and sustainable materials with functional and ambient environmental features to create a work space like no other - calm, spacious and comfortable.

At QULO we believe we have created a micro-office for those who want to perform at their best in busy offices. A distraction-free and comfortable space to find focus and get stuff done!



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The surfaces of the work pod both inside and out have been chosen for their ability to dampen or repel sound. And with the additional 50mm foam hidden in the walls, you are guaranteed to get some peace and quiet when you need it most.


Industry leading airflow system changes the air in the pod every 45 seconds which means the air is refreshing and cool even when things get heated.


The seat and desk are arranged to provide a universally ergonomic workstation. So, even though the pod is designed for short bursts of productivity, there's no reason to be a slouch in those long and intense video calls.


As well as a mains socket, usb-charging and the option for an ethernet socket, our pod can provide a wifi hotspot for your office. A reassuring addition when a consistent connection can be the difference between optimum performance and missing a deadline.  


Our acoustic panels have been made from plastic bottles that have be chipped, melted and turned into thread. Layers of plastic thread are then woven together and compressed to form one of the most effective sound absorption materials on the market.  


We have spent time carefully selecting the materials for our work pod so they leave minimum impact on the Earth.  As such, at the end of it's useful life 52% of the pod can be recycled and 48% can be reused either in new pods or in other furniture products.  

Hannah Gibbs
Office Manager

A great product. Our office love the pods for privacy, space and comfort. The team over at QULO offer an amazing service and I have absolutely no reservations recommending them to other companies looking to make their staff happier."

Arune Magdalena
Facilities Manager

The pods are so cool, everyone here loves them. They've really helped open up our meeting rooms. They are great quality and the design is excellent.

Luke Gammell
Sales Director

We have a busy office and taking important calls was a nightmare before QULO came along. Now we can to talk clients in a quiet space without being distracted. However, they always seem to be occupied so we could do with some more!

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